Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Welcome to February! (And happy Groundhog's Day tomorrow!)

Here is the MP for this week:

Monday-Waikiki Meatballs, rice, salad
Tuesday-Fajitas (Chicken) Slow-Cooker recipe--not sure if I'll use it, though. I like the veggies grilled-crisp better)
Wednesday (Soup and Sandwich)- Potato Soup, garlic bread
Thursday (CP)-Zesty BBQ Chicken, buns, salad
Friday (OAMC)-Noodle & Sausage Casserole, carrots. . .or left-overs.
Saturday's Snack-not sure yet
Sunday (BFS)- French Toast, Ham

So, not quite so much for links this time around. A few reasons for it. . . I've posted most of them in the past (If not this past week-like the Potato Soup again! (We had gross Pea Soup from a can--never doing that again. The hubby can eat that on his own!)-- then more in the deeper past I am sure). . .and I haven't found a good Noodle and Sausage kind of recipe yet. So if you have any recommendations, I am willing to give it a try! I keep posting that in hopes of finding something that will tempt me to make it, but instead we have left-overs on those days. :)

As well, no motivation for a snack or goodies this week. . .hmmm. . .we'll have to see if I get around to updating that. For now I am dilemma-ing over if I like M&M's better or Cadbury Mini Eggs. So, while testing those two out frequently, I'm not sure if I really need any other snacks!

But now to report on a good meal. . .I made the Salmon that I though I might try in my last MP post this past weekend and it was simply amazing! I know, fish or salmon isn't always a bit hit--and I can't say I LOVE it either. That is why I need to find a really good recipe! This one was!!!

I picked it out simply for the mix of flavours, then checked with my hubby to see what he thought. He agreed that we could try it. So, we did. (We even invited some long lost friends over to give it a try with us--that is how confident I was that it would taste good! Lucky for me it DID! Otherwise I might just have to report some lost friendships!)

Here is a marinating photo along with the rub you put on it. The recipe asks for you to marinate it first, which we did, but then I figured, why not keep marinating it longer? That is what we did.
Here is a sideways (sorry! forgot to fix that first!) picture of it right off the grill. Yep, we had company and I still took a quick picture before it was devoured this time! How geeky am I! But do you see that "eagerly-anticipating" look of two hands on a plate ready to be served in the background? A true action shot!
But in all honestly, I do recommend trying it out. We served it with Harvest Potatoes, rolls and a mexi-mix-type of corn. (Topped off with the best chocolate cake ever for dessert!)
Anyway. . .happy eating this week! Check out more MPM at!

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