Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We've been thinking about what to do with E's room for the last little bit (since he moved down to the guest room). Here is his "before" picture. . .
These are the "after" ones. After consulting a few friends on paint colours, we settled on "Stone Fence" (Behr 720F)-a grey tone that was still kind of blue. I find that I am always choosing a blue that turns out to be too bright on the wall. This was almost a denim/grey colour, and I was actually happy about it. We already had the comforter, so I sewed some new curtains for his room to match. I still need to do some tie-back loops because I made the curtains using some heavier materials and with casing enclosures at the top. That will be done in the next week.

We even went out and got some new knobs and hooks for him to match the rest of the ones on the furniture (ie: the toybox had similar ones) and to get rid of those old 70-ish ones that were in his room.
We still need to find some cork boards for his walls (or something like that) since his walls are pretty bare right now. I was thinking about getting the cork board tiles (that will match the oak wood dresser and toybox, etc in his room) that Walmart sells and making a group of four on one of his walls, but they have been sold out the last few times I've been there. Maybe I'll have to check out Michael's or so. There are still a few "decorating-type" things to do and a few toys to return to his shelves, but the big job of painting is done and he is sleeping in his room again!
Here is the happy E in his "new" room. :)


Tara V said...

your days must have more hours than mine. How in the world do you find the time!! You need to come and live at my house for a while!!
Looks GREAT!

Susan said...

notice my blog was posted at 3:30-somethign a.m.? i think i may be getting into those pregnancy sleepless nights early! imagine how many hours my days have! (and how crabby i can get!!!!)