Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scrumptious Cookies

Mmmmm. . .
That is the only thing going through my head right now.
Mmmmm. . .
They are posted as my "Saturday's Snack" on my MPM for this week. I found the recipe via a colleague's beautiful blog (Bluebird Notes) at the Ungourmet. And they are heavenly.

You should really check out the photos at these two blogs! They will make you want to stir up a batch of your own! Even my hubby, who was apprehensive about the recipe LOVED them! He wasn't too impressed with the bag of cookies to give away!
So I tried a few photos of my own:

Don't you want to try some too?

1 comment:

Tara V said...

Is that bag making it over to my house?!?! Or I'm free for coffee on Saturday so I can try them out;)