Sunday, February 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well, here is my plan. . .early!

First, I have to tell you about last week. . .DON'T try the cheeseburger buns from my last MP post! I do not recommend them! The convenience of the crock pot was the only good thing about them! The "filling" tasted like no-name Hamburger Helper minus any spices the no-name version may have and minus the pasta. It was blah. The kids ate it just fine, but ketchup was still a staple addition (my hubby even added salsa after to change it to more or a taco meat-type deal).
I am trying a *new* CP recipe this week. . .and it is all ready to go as I type. The sauce tastes better right now, and the reviews are decent, so, I'm feeling better about it already. Hopefully I'll have good things to report on it this week!

This week:
Monday-Bacon & Cheese Chicken (CP), potatoes, salad or in wraps
Tuesday-Beef Skewers, noodles, mixed veggies
Wednesday- Vegetable Soup (a CP recipe) and/or Grilled Cheese
Thursday- I'm not around. . .Student-led Conferences will take up my evening. So it is left-overs or Mac 'n Cheese.
Friday(OAMC)- Chicken Enchilada Casserole (in freezer already)
Saturday's Snack- Cheese-Sausage Bites (see below)
Sunday-pancakes and ham or omelets

Here are my pancakes for the kiddos from today. . .Happy Valentine's Day! (They were kinda disappointed when my creativity ran out and it was back to plain ole circles. Oh well!)

Saturday's Snack. . .These "Appies" or snacks are ones my mom makes--usually at our Christmas, or anytime she is hosting a get-together or snackies. The recipe comes originally from North York General Hospital of Willowdale, ON. It's easy to make and pretty yummy!

3 c. biscuit mix
1 lb. sausage meat (ie: pork sausage or you can use Italian, that is pretty good, too. Squeeze it out of its sleeves--the "ew" part of it all!)
1 lb shredded cheese (sharp is recommended, but medium is fine--about 1-2 c. depending on your preference)

*Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Combine with hands. Roll into bite sized balls. Place on cookie sheet. Bake in 400F oven for about 12 minutes or until done. Makes about 6 dozen. Cheese-Sausage Bites freeze well and just need to be reheated in order to eat.

*My kids dip it in ketchup (surprise, surprise!) but they taste good with sweet and sour or plum dipping sauces.

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Tara V said...

You can't go wrong with Bacon...however, not sure about it in the CP! Let me know how it works...and again..those appy's sound great...I'm free on Saturday...or maybe you can bring them over on Friday night?!? ;) See you soon and you looked fantastic on Sunday!