Thursday, February 25, 2010

Curling Stones Art

We are just near the end of our school's Theme Weeks--Olympics! (What else?)
As part of our Theme Weeks, each class had to pick an Olympic event to follow over the past two weeks. My class of little ones learned about Curling.

Here is an art project we did: decorating curling stones or curling rocks.
I found two different clip arts from Microsoft and put them onto 9x12 paper for the students to choose. They cut two out--so we could stuff them with newspaper and make them look more real (by making them a little 3D!) Before we stuffed them, we talked about incorporating a theme into our artwork. Some kids really got it, others just liked decorating their stones!

Here are a few close up (ones that are a single theme):
This one is "A Garden."
This one is also "Gardens."
This one is "Dots and Stripes."
This one is "Patterns."
Of course, other themes included hockey, motorcycles, dots, Scooby-doo. . .you name it! Overall, it turned out to be a pretty fun project for them!

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Tara V said...

to cute! what a good idea.