Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Olympic Torch

Last weekend we went to see the Olympic Torch come through our "town." We didn't really know how big of a deal this would be because our kids are pretty young. But here we are getting ready for it all. . .
And then the torch came! We were a little late in seeing it the first time (we missed some of the "pre-parade" stuff), so we drove around town and found a spot later in the route, to make sure we would see it all.
(We were kinda early for it then, so we had to pass our time eating snacks and taking geeky family pictures!)
So, here is round two of the torch! In the end it was better that we did see it twice so that the kids kinda knew what to expect the second time around! Our kids were pretty excited to see all the RCMP and police and the "dancing truck" (the Coke truck).

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