Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Theme Weeks

Here are a few highlights of our past two Theme Weeks for any parents visiting this blog.
Throughout the celebration, we had a bulletin board decorated to show Canada's accomplishments and to highlight some of the events of the day. There was one teacher (W.W.) who faithfully changed it and found new information to add each day. Way to go! We appreciated all that work!
We started our two week long Theme Week Celebration of the Olympics with an Opening Ceremony Chapel. The kids were invited to wear their patriotic colours and Olympic gear. Everyone was pretty excited!
We had a special guest come in, Mrs. Friessen, to talk to us about her experience running with the torch.
She brought her torch and came dressed in her gear. It was great to see and hear about it all! The Opening Ceremony ended with her leading us in an all-school run with the torch. She let each student touch/carry it to see how heavy it was--and to share in the experience!
Each classroom "studied" an event during the two weeks. Each classroom had to decorate their classroom door to represent the sport they studied. Here is mine. . . (our bulletin board beside has all our curling art projects. See last post for some of it.)
In our Closing Ceremony celebration, we all shared "cheers" that we made about the sport we studied. We had classes come to the podium to receive Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals for the reading hours they had done, too. We ended the time with a "tour of the doors."
Our afternoon was a mini-Olympics for the entire school. We were in multi-grade level teams and visited five Olympic events (based on the ideas given from the "Paint the Town Red" website). It was a high-energy afternoon!

So. . .that is it! Theme Week in a nutshell.

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Quilt Nut said...

we held her torch and got pictures with her before she did her run. it's a small world lol