Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday. . .what is that again? Yes, it has been a while! But I'm back, and we actually did eat last week, even though nothing was posted here!

Here was my last week. Busy week= lots of changes to the original plan anyway!

Monday- BBQ Chicken on buns (CP), salad (for this recipe, you can just use your favourite flavoured bottle of BBQ sauce, too. Then you can pick a "specialty" flavour, even.)
Wednesday-potatoes, sausage, corn
Thursday-Homemade Hamburgers
Friday- Honey garlic wings, noodles, carrots
Saturday's Snack-Bruschetta, Baked Brie
Sunday- Pancakes

The Bruschetta and Baked Brie have been "featured" before. Took some pictures of it, but can't find them right now. They both turn out to look kinda red and white. . .we may have eaten these on Sunday during the big gold-medal game. The kids ate marshmallows and red smarties and cranberries (aka: Canada snacks!)

And here is this week:
Monday-Potato Soup with toppings, more bruschetta, buns
Tuesday- Chicken with Pasta Primavera, Garlic Bread (This isn't the "easy" recipe I usually make. . .I'll have to find that an post it later. But this one still seems pretty good. . .and the picture looks delicious!)
Wednesday-Beef and Veggie Stir fry, noodles, salad (an alternate recipe is here, with a tomato-ish base. When I have made this one, I've added lots of veggies, not just broccoli. I think my family would hate me if I didn't!)
Thursday (CP)- Thai Chicken, rice, salad
Friday- Pizza Perogie Casserole (For this one, you can pretty much add any "pizza topping" to the sauce. We usually add sausage, peppers and some onions.)
Saturday's Snack- Mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies (from LC Cookbook)
Sunday- Crepes. . .maybe?

Running out of time for this post. . .will try to post the cookie recipe later. Right now it is story time. (There is only so much blogging you can do around the kiddos!)

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