Thursday, July 19, 2012

a little garden fixing. . .

I selvaged this little garden sign from my MIL yard garbage pile, probably about 5+ years ago. It has been in my garage that long, waiting to be fixed up and painted as the thing was almost wood again, no colour. Last week, I finally gave it a try.
Added some wire. . .I was going to hang it on my tree or fence and take the stake off.
But it didn't look too bad like this, so here it stays for now.
And here is my previous ivy patch, all dug out (well mostly in this photo). Why is it that every spring/summer I want to change around all my gardens? I'm not a great gardener--just learning as I go, listening to others, and looking at what they have done (and of course using the good ole computer!). Hopefully I will fill this spot with a variety of hostas instead. But for now, I am busy weeding and cutting down overgrown gardens!
Happy gardening!

a few more baby gifties

With summer here, I've had a few extra minutes to sew again!
Aside from just fixing the broken clothing, I've made a few baby blankets for gifts. I missed a few babies being born, and had no extra "boy" ones in reserve, so that was my job for the last few days. I was a little hesitant at first to use this fabric because the matching ribbon was. . . black! It was a risk for me--I'm usually more into the colourful, but I just could not find any matching ribbon! I also tried a "hooded blanket" this time, just to try something new.
 Here is my dinosaur set--hood blanket, bandanna drool bib and a tag blanket.
 See all the black ribbon on this one? But I think it turned out OK!
 And here is my bandanna drool bib. My daughter had one and it worked wonderful, so I thought I would sew a few to match.

 And here is my race car set--hooded blanket, tag blanket, and bandanna drool bib.
This one I was able to find a blue that went pretty well with it, without going to bright and bold with red or yellow. Maybe on the next one. . .
Now it is off to the fabric store in order to make more--I ran out of blanket material!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

felt flowers for her hair

It was my daughter's birthday a bit ago and she knows all about parties because of her older brother.
So whenever her birthday comes along, she had a long LIST of things to do!
But we keep it small--and crafty! Here is what we did:
felt flowers on headbands or barrettes.
My sister and I had made some cute rosettes out of felt to put on headbands or barrettes once, and I thought they were cute, so I kinda went off of that idea and made these layered felt flowers.
(supplies above)
First I found all the different colours of felt I had in the house.
Then I found some flower patterns on google. These ones were great! I also found more "daisy" type ones with pointed petals as well. I sided them differently and then started tracing and cutting!
 Then I chose a few to try--pink and grey for now. I layered them up. Now, you can just layer them and glue them--some of my daughter's friends did that. These flowers were bigger, so I put one tiny "x" stitch in the middle (see the yellow?) to gather them just a bit.
 Next went the rhinestone. . .
Oh the girls were in heaven with those things!!!
 And then finally the little circle patch to help glue it onto the headband.
I gave the girls a choice--so here is how it is if they wanted to use a barrette instead.

I wish I had taken pictures of the ones they had finished/made. Some of them were so cute! I had also cut out some tulle flowers and circles to add in and little leaves if they wanted to add those as well. They just stacked flowers and started gluing! (and then I used the glue gun to finish them all off!)
It was a cute and easy party idea!