Thursday, July 19, 2012

a few more baby gifties

With summer here, I've had a few extra minutes to sew again!
Aside from just fixing the broken clothing, I've made a few baby blankets for gifts. I missed a few babies being born, and had no extra "boy" ones in reserve, so that was my job for the last few days. I was a little hesitant at first to use this fabric because the matching ribbon was. . . black! It was a risk for me--I'm usually more into the colourful, but I just could not find any matching ribbon! I also tried a "hooded blanket" this time, just to try something new.
 Here is my dinosaur set--hood blanket, bandanna drool bib and a tag blanket.
 See all the black ribbon on this one? But I think it turned out OK!
 And here is my bandanna drool bib. My daughter had one and it worked wonderful, so I thought I would sew a few to match.

 And here is my race car set--hooded blanket, tag blanket, and bandanna drool bib.
This one I was able to find a blue that went pretty well with it, without going to bright and bold with red or yellow. Maybe on the next one. . .
Now it is off to the fabric store in order to make more--I ran out of blanket material!

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