Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas softies, take 2

I posted earlier about making these little felt ornaments.
 In the meantime, I tried to make a different shape. I just don't love it so much. I think I am a fan of  stars.
 Eventually I did get some white to make the candy cane stars. LOVE them!
 And after much contemplation-wanting to make snowflakes, and then ornaments, then this, then that-I went back to the original idea of stars for the tree skirt I was hoping to make by Christmas. I decided to make them white with maroon/magenta and light blue stitching. I hate matching colours. I took a snowman decoration from our house I liked and matched the colours to it.
 So here is my start. . .
 A finished blue. . .
 And a finished maroon/magenta . . .
I still need to stitch the outer edges of the tree skirt. . .
We will have to see if it gets done. It is an ice-skating kind of evening for me and my son tonight, so I don't think much will get done. At least it should be done for next Christmas!

A little pre-Christmas

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted last!
I can believe that I have been having an awesome week with my kiddos so far!
A busy end to school. . .and now it is a lot of playing. No sleeping in for me, but I can't ask for too much, right?
Last night the kids got a surprise visit from Santa! Yep, Santa came right to our door! Along with two firetrucks and a bunch of firemen on their way to the hospital to spread some Christmas cheer there. It was a nice pre-visit for my kids--their eyes were HUGE as they looked at a "real" Santa that close!-- and they each got a stuffy from Santa as well.

 The kids have been busy making cards. . .here is one E had for a teacher/helper at his school. "Real Christmas cards are just kinda boring, unless they have glitter"--according to him.
 Crazy me always have my kiddos help me make cards of some kind. I started this when E was 3, I think. They love it, but I am crazy for doing it! This year we made cards using recycled materials (cards, paper, left-over craft materials, etc.) We didn't get very far. . .I think we only made 19. And I also haven't sent too many off yet. . .too busy!
 But never too busy for. . .
A hot chocolate break!
 The Christmas picture we finally settled on. . .after all the other failures! But then, who knows if anyone will see it as the Christmas cards are not being used so much yet.
 More Christmas crafts/ornaments that need to be made. . .
 Yep, one craft a day is how it has been going down at our house. In addition to the other "creative messes" we have going on, of course.
And to close this overdue post. . . 
This is the first picture with Santa the kids have ever had. We finally decided that this year Santa wasn't so scary! (Although, from the photo, I can't tell that Princess A is convinced. She did find him later so she could give him a hug!)
Blessings to you during this holiday season!