Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here is a menu plan for this week. . .
Monday- Chili and Buns and Carrots and Dip
Tuesday- Italian marinated chicken on the BBQ, salad, harvest potatoes (I love this dish! My kids hate it. It is all gone! Guess who ate most of it?)
Wednesday- Grilled Sandwiches, soup (of some kind. . .I'm in the mood for broccoli cheddar, but I KNOW the kids are not!)
Thursday- Baked Spaghetti, salad
Friday- Left-overs or pizza
Saturday's Snack- gotta make some cookies!!!
Sunday-Pancakes and Bacon.

On the breakfast note, I tried to get the kids to enjoy a breakfast at Subway with me this morning. . .not the best move. Maybe it was breaking routine or maybe they can't stand egg made in a square, but I KNOW not to make breakfast sandwiches for a while. . .except for my hulk of a baby. He loved it. He loves anything that is good though.

Was playing around with my camera a bit the other day and I finally figured out how to use the "food" setting. Here was my first humble attempt. Stir-fry from last week. I wanted to see how it would look on the blog. I know this picture shows too many onions. Nice for the colour, but I don't typically eat that many in one sitting! :)
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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Do you ever pick dandelions, just to blow the seeds into the wind?
To be a child again!
A whole field of pure joy in the eyes of a child.
A whole field of weed control in the eyes of the keeper of a manicured lawn!
To my kiddos, this is Dandelion Canyon.
Not sure where the name came from, but this little photo is a reminder to me to stay youthful in mind,
and take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in this world.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Menu Plan. . . Yah, its been a while. All of our life and our eating didn't seem exciting enough to merit a post. And nothing has changed. Except that I decided to post about our {exciting} eats this week.

Monday- Corn and Sausage Chowder, garlic bread
Tuesday- Teriyaki Stir-fry, noodles, jello (strictly for the kids, of course!)
Wednesday-Taco Salad
Thursday (Crock pot)-BBQ Chicken sandwiches, cut veggies
Friday-left-overs or pizza
Saturday's Snack- Layered Fruit Salad for kids
(Haven't tried this one specifically, but will probably give it a try. I've kinda gotten bored of smoothies, so gotta try it a bit differently!)
Sunday-French Toast Casserole--because it's easy! And bacon. . .

On the food topic. . .the garden is planted. About a week and a half a ago it was done. Potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, peas, carrots, lettuces (spinach, lettuce mixtures and swiss chard), herbs and onions. I think that is it. I have a few potatoes showing some green, a few carrots sprouting and some lettuce, I think. My herbs are good, although a few of those perennial types didn't come back, so I'm gonna have to go buy one or two new ones (not sure if seeds will grow in time anymore). Some strawberries are making pretty white flowers already. . . looking forward to some sunshine to help it all grow. (Actually, I'm just looking forward to some sunshine. . .)
Well, have a good week. .
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Monday, May 23, 2011


 This weekend we went on a little adventure. . .
 Off to the area of Chipmunk Creek by Chilliwack Lake for some 4x4ing. For me. . .it was my first time with the family. On the drive out there, the kids had to "catch me up" on the "regular stuff" that goes on with these excursions.
 And then it was just time to play around. There were four trucks (four families/people--one red Jeep isn't pictured here. . .not sure where he was off to. . .except that there were a few bumpy trails in the area to explore).
We passed a couple going down the road we were going up. They said that it was best we turned around because the road was washed out a bit farther up. So. . .the boys were ready to roll!

 Stopping for lunch. . .
And yes, we found ourselves some snow!

Soon after the group split up, my "fearless" hubby found an area where people must have been camping near. He drove in, covered the truck with mud and was about to go on. He stopped at a "cliff" (or at least that is what I saw!!!) I told him I loved him, and didn't really think he needed to show off any more for me as we had some children that I would love to wake up tomorrow with.
He smiled at me--a smirk, really--and pressed the gas!!!
We are still alive and in one piece.

Another great moment for me: The hubby asked the kids if Mommy should come next time. E goes, "well, not really, but just to be polite, I'll say yes." Hubby asks him why I shouldn't come. E says, "Gotta keep those top secret things a secret." And Princess A just wanted her "very best friend" (who is training her in the princess way of life) and Liam around. (Awww!)

Fun times!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

life of a mom. . .

Another Happy Mother's Day to all. . .a little bit late, I know.
(But I'm sure many moms out there totally understand!)
I am so very blessed by my mom, mom-in-law, and all the mom-friends in my life.
And I thank God for all of you and the impact you have had on me!
And of course I am so very blessed by my own family--the ones who make me a mother!
(My husband's fine art--our family in our new paint colour. . .we had to test it out to see if it was  acceptable before painting ALL the walls!)
 My little munchkin who decided to give me the treat of walking through rain puddles left on our deck. . . and it was just so darn cute I had to take a few pictures.
 And my other little miracles making me breakfast (because I *totally* eat breakfast every morning!)
 And their little cards and gifties (now that I have a kiddo in school, I get to celebrate and show off the heartfelt gifts made in the classroom. I LOVE IT!)
On Saturday a.m. we joined the local Community School in celebrating Mother's Day. How can kids complain when they get breakfast and to play in an open gym and in a bouncy castle all morning?!?!? (And I got a massage. . .not too shabby, I say!). Here was my little flower to take home. The biggest treat, however, was the compliments I got from the hosts in how well-behaved, polite and cute my kids were. That just did it for me. I guess then all the energy in the every day stuff is worth it!

Below was the annual fish release in a nearby creek. The kids do this every year, and they LOVE it! This year, the youngest needed lunch and a nap, so the two of us stayed home while all the big kids went out to play with the "little fries!"

 Opa took the kids to Buckerfield's to make a hanging basket for me. They had a lot of fun and got to share with me about their adventures. . .which led to us going back on Monday to check out all the things I had missed--especially the animals (in their opinion!)
 And then I got to start some gardening as well, since this was the weekend to get plants!

Still a bunch more work that needs to be done and a few more trays of plants, but. . . it's not like the sun is shining or anything like that! Won't that be a treat when spring weather decides to stick around!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I can't believe it has been over a month since I have posted. . .much less done any type of menu plan! Things have been kinda crazy with some Reno's going on (as in the kitchen!) a trip to visit family, the normal busyness of life, that kind of thing. Maybe I have an excuse, right. . .?

Here is a MP once again.

Monday-Grilled Cheese (fancy-ish), yam fries, veggies and dip
Tuesday-Greek Chicken (either this recipe or this CP one), tzatziki, pitas, mixed veggies
Wednesday-Salmon Strudels, corn and pepper salsa
Thursday-Spaghetti garlic bread
Friday-left-overs or pizza
Saturday-TBA. . .maybe?
Sunday- French Toast Casserole, sausage

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