Monday, May 23, 2011


 This weekend we went on a little adventure. . .
 Off to the area of Chipmunk Creek by Chilliwack Lake for some 4x4ing. For me. . .it was my first time with the family. On the drive out there, the kids had to "catch me up" on the "regular stuff" that goes on with these excursions.
 And then it was just time to play around. There were four trucks (four families/people--one red Jeep isn't pictured here. . .not sure where he was off to. . .except that there were a few bumpy trails in the area to explore).
We passed a couple going down the road we were going up. They said that it was best we turned around because the road was washed out a bit farther up. So. . .the boys were ready to roll!

 Stopping for lunch. . .
And yes, we found ourselves some snow!

Soon after the group split up, my "fearless" hubby found an area where people must have been camping near. He drove in, covered the truck with mud and was about to go on. He stopped at a "cliff" (or at least that is what I saw!!!) I told him I loved him, and didn't really think he needed to show off any more for me as we had some children that I would love to wake up tomorrow with.
He smiled at me--a smirk, really--and pressed the gas!!!
We are still alive and in one piece.

Another great moment for me: The hubby asked the kids if Mommy should come next time. E goes, "well, not really, but just to be polite, I'll say yes." Hubby asks him why I shouldn't come. E says, "Gotta keep those top secret things a secret." And Princess A just wanted her "very best friend" (who is training her in the princess way of life) and Liam around. (Awww!)

Fun times!


Rhonda said...

great day for some 4x4ing. you were right in my backyard ;)

Susan said...

you have a VERY nice backyard!!! :)