Wednesday, May 11, 2011

life of a mom. . .

Another Happy Mother's Day to all. . .a little bit late, I know.
(But I'm sure many moms out there totally understand!)
I am so very blessed by my mom, mom-in-law, and all the mom-friends in my life.
And I thank God for all of you and the impact you have had on me!
And of course I am so very blessed by my own family--the ones who make me a mother!
(My husband's fine art--our family in our new paint colour. . .we had to test it out to see if it was  acceptable before painting ALL the walls!)
 My little munchkin who decided to give me the treat of walking through rain puddles left on our deck. . . and it was just so darn cute I had to take a few pictures.
 And my other little miracles making me breakfast (because I *totally* eat breakfast every morning!)
 And their little cards and gifties (now that I have a kiddo in school, I get to celebrate and show off the heartfelt gifts made in the classroom. I LOVE IT!)
On Saturday a.m. we joined the local Community School in celebrating Mother's Day. How can kids complain when they get breakfast and to play in an open gym and in a bouncy castle all morning?!?!? (And I got a massage. . .not too shabby, I say!). Here was my little flower to take home. The biggest treat, however, was the compliments I got from the hosts in how well-behaved, polite and cute my kids were. That just did it for me. I guess then all the energy in the every day stuff is worth it!

Below was the annual fish release in a nearby creek. The kids do this every year, and they LOVE it! This year, the youngest needed lunch and a nap, so the two of us stayed home while all the big kids went out to play with the "little fries!"

 Opa took the kids to Buckerfield's to make a hanging basket for me. They had a lot of fun and got to share with me about their adventures. . .which led to us going back on Monday to check out all the things I had missed--especially the animals (in their opinion!)
 And then I got to start some gardening as well, since this was the weekend to get plants!

Still a bunch more work that needs to be done and a few more trays of plants, but. . . it's not like the sun is shining or anything like that! Won't that be a treat when spring weather decides to stick around!

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