Monday, February 1, 2010

An "OOPS!"

Just thought I would post about a funny oops that turned out okay. . .
I was out, and my hubby was going to try to give the baby room a fresh coat of paint. We decided, just stick with the same colour as the room, and then it would be less work--only one coat needed to fix the scratches and blemishes, right? The room used to be E's room (hence the blue stuff still in it).

The hubby went looking for the matching paint. He found one that said "E's room" and started painting, without regards to what colour it was.
When I came back with the kids, he wanted to show me something. This was it:
Yep, it was the colour of E's room, but back when his room was what is currently A's room. So. . .

now the hubby had repainted 2 wonderful coats of this darker brownish colour rather than sticking with the lighter one. :) Good thing (for all of us!) I'm not too picky about the hue of this future baby's room!

Next painting project is E's new room. . . we will see what happens with that!

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deWoldeDaily said...

How's that paint selection coming for Eli's room?