Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday. . .
Last week. . .didn't follow the plan so well. Ran out of time in some cases, so we had things like perogies one night and some of the meals at the beginning of the week were big, so we had left-overs later in the week. Oh well--that is how it goes! So you'll notice a few repeats this week!

The "hit" of the week for last week's MPM was the Keywest Chicken. Try it--you will love it. And our kids did as well--so that is always a bonus! Next time, I think I might even make more of the sauce--not all to use as marinade, but just for dipping sauce or sauce to put on rice. It was delish!

Monday (easy)- Hamburger Helper (Cheesy Enchilada w/ toppings), corn, salad
Tuesday-Breaded fish and fries, mixed veggies
Wednesday-Baked Potato Soup (recipe is similar to what I make--mine comes from a Company's Coming book, I think), salad
Thursday (CP)- Tuscan Chicken Sandwiches, buns, salad
Friday (OAMC)-Noodles and Sausage Casserole, steamed carrots
Saturday's Snack- Easy Cinnamon Buns
Sunday-not breakfast today. . .Grilled Salmon (I usually do the NW barbecued from the LC cookbook, but this link looks good, so I might try it)--have to get rid of a salmon that is taking up space in the freezer, Greek potatoes, veggies (of some sort)

For Saturday's Snack . . .I had some crescent rolls to get rid of. The first round I made according to the recipe given. The second time I just made the brown sugar mixture--no extra butter and i found they worked out much better.

And sorry about the Hamburger Helper. The redeeming aspect was the "taco-type" toppings that we put on it--makes the healthy factor go up just a bit. But sometimes easy means a packaged dinner! :)

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Tara V said...

I guess I'll let the HH slid.....I'll have to have a look at that chicken from last week!

n*stitches said...

Looks like a great menu! have a great week!