Thursday, January 21, 2010

Penguin Art Homework Project

As part of our Winter theme, we focused on an animal that lived in the cold temperatures of the Antarctica--the penguin! One activity the students were asked to do was a Penguin Art Homework Project. Students were asked to make a 3-D penguin at home with the help and guidance of their parents. These penguins could be made out of anything the parents or students could think of. some suggestions given were Lego, paper mache, cloth, stuffed garbage bags, wire, wood and so forth. They could be any size, but the students had to be able to bring them to school when they were done! Once at school, students were given the opportunity to talk about their penguin in a small presentation. They had to talk about what they made, how they made it and what materials they used. Any other important information could be shared as well.

Below are the penguins that were brought in. The first is one student's Olympic Mascot: the Inukshuk Penguin.

Here is the class collection of penguins. They ranged in materials: paper, paper mache, balloons, pop bottles, paint, foam, material, clay, and even marshmallows! What a great and artistic bunch of penguin pals! Now we are looking forward to our Black and White Day, where we will act as penguin parents to hard-boiled eggs, play penguin games, have penguin centres, and enjoy some frozen treats!

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