Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

No big deal that I didn't post yet today--we just had boring leftovers! I'm going to try something new tomorrow I think. . .see my notes afterwards.

Monday- left-overs
Tuesday- Key West Chicken (from LC cookbook, p. 110*), noodles, coleslaw (dressing 1 or dressing 2--I like #1 better)
Wednesday- Cadet sausage, baked potatoes (i know, dumb link, but I have had a phone call or two asking how to make baked potatoes!), carrots & peas
Thursday (CP)-Tuscan Chicken (I use chicken breasts), buns, salad
Friday-Breaded fish and fries, corn salsa
Saturday- Blueberry-Apple Crisp (LC p.165) This is a second favourite of my hubby's. His favourite is regular my Apple Crisp.
Sunday (BFS)- bacon and eggs

*Key West Chicken. I found this recipe in the Lynden Christian Cookbook. . .I like to "waste" time by looking through cookbooks and flagging recipes that look good to me. So, with little inspiration to cook this week, I defaulted to the flagged pages. Then I also searched it on-line. the same/similar recipe came up. The only differences is that instead of vegetable oil and lime juice, the LC book has olive oil and red cooking wine. The LC book recommends marinading it for a longer time (1 hour plus) and says you can also bake it in the oven at 350F for an hour.

*As for the noodle recipe, a while back my friend, Mandy, told me about this website: You can type in a main ingredient that you have, add other things you might have in your house, and it begins to list recipes that you can possibly make. I found this noodle recipe there, and it looks good enough to try! (Otherwise, it would be a prepackaged noodle something!)

*The coleslaw recipe. . .needed a dressing, my store-bought one had gone bad (we don't eat it very often as the hubby doesn't like it!). So my search ended up with these two as possibilities. they are both good, i just prefer the first one. Just my humble opinion. :)

And finally. . .if you are looking for another GREAT and EASY crock-pot recipe, the Gingered Beef from last week's MPM was AMAZING!!! I've made it once before. the only thing I change about the recipe is that I add a few tablespoons of brown sugar. Here is it, pre-cooked:

And my post-cooked picture. . .is no where to be seen. We ate it too quickly before I realized I was going to take a picture! Oops!

Well, happy eating this week. . .I'll let you know how my week goes! More MPM can be found at

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