Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Few House Changes

My hubby and I both had some time off between Christmas and New Years. When we are both home, it is generally a good time to make some changes to the house here and there. What we wanted to do was change this
into this. . .
But instead we ended up ripping out carpets in three bedrooms and getting new stuff put in. We also had an area rug bound out of the same carpet for our living room. . .here it is (not that these pictures show it off very well!):
In the process, we found tried to fix some of those squeaky boards. J found one that was actually a bit broken and had to do some bigger-than-hoped-for fixing. On the plus side he was able to fix some electrical stuff that was just kinda old with the floor out.
Unfortunately, when you re-do carpet in the bedrooms, you also have to get rid of all the furniture for a while too. The family had some fun having a few nights "sleep-over" in the playroom, but our house looked like this for those few days! (And of course we had my sister's family visiting all at the same time!)
While we were re-setting up some of the rooms, we were able to keep our kids busy by having them play in "odd" spots. Who would have thought a bed frame with no mattress would be one of the most desirable places to play in the house?
This was all kind of a last-minute decision to make this change, and it was also a last minute decision to then change E's bedroom instead of re-setting up his room and moving him over closer to when the baby arrived. So. . .here is his "new" room--paired as the guest room. We have some major work to do down here (painting it blue or brown or grey, new curtains, organizing toys, decorating it a bit (not sure he is into Monet prints as wall-hangings). . .)
About the same time, we had our kitchen light burn out. It was one of those old fluorescent ones, and the other half had burnt out long ago, so now we had a chance to replace the whole thing. While looking for lights, we found this cute one on clearance, so I had to get it for "our princess."
Here is our old light spot. . .it needed a little fixing and painting. . .
Here is our purchase. . .
And here is the final product. . .minus one of the lights--it was broken and is on back-order. So while we wait for the fifth light, four will do for now!
So maybe now we will get around to doing something about that fireplace of ours. . .

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Tara V said...

so when can you husband come over and work at my place???
It all looks great!!