Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A few for the family. . .

Last weekend we were doing some skyping with some relatives, and the kids' uncle made a comment about how he couldn't believe how big little a was. (He had never seen little a yet--only the bubble holding him inside 2 weeks before he was born!)

Yep, not quite so little anymore.

Then later, someone was checking out and commenting on my FB photos and I realized those were last updated long over a year ago. Where has the time gone?!?

And then I came to the sad conclusion that I find myself taking pictures less and less. Maybe because life gets more busy, and maybe because a camera is just one more thing I need to remember to take along when we are out and about! My mommy brain can't do it all!

But. . .here are a few recent ones for the family and friends to check out. . .
Our little a is big enough to take the wheel in his exersaucer now.
E and Princess A love playing outside--especially when we are doing yard work. Here is their "tree-fort," complete with a bedroom and a deck, so I was told.

Our blue-eyed cuties.
Little a keeps growing. . .and is now eating (and loving) his "solids." The hard part for me is that this is one more item to add to the schedule of everything to do and I often find myself late for things because I have to squeeze a meal in! (That is my excuse anyway--really, I'm just late!)
Some tummy time and play time. . .it won't be long now before those feet and arms will coordinate themselves and then he may be too quick to take pictures!
"Children are a gift from the Lord; a child is a reward from Him." ~Psalm 127:3


Tara V said...

nice pics! thanks for posting them.

Life with a Van said...

Those sure are some blue-eyed cuties! By the way... the 3rd kid has to be the most resilient, you're on the go with the other 2 all the time. I think E's favorite place to nap was her carseat! Enjoy the moment.

deWoldeDaily said...

You kids really are adorable!! And I agree with karen about the 3rd child comment. Today was the first day all week that Jocelyn actually had both her naps in her crib! And, I'm late for more things than i'd like to admit too - trying to squeeze that meal in for #3 too!!!