Thursday, September 16, 2010

1st Day

I now have a kiddo in school! After my countless first days to begin the school year, I got to see my son have his first day of school!

And it started VERY early! Here is my E all dressed and ready for school at 6:30AM. The good thing about it all was that, even though I was very groggy and sleepy, I still saw the humor in it and took a picture of him! (I thought this only happens in the story books that you read to your nervous grade one kids to make them laugh about a new school year starting! Doesn't he realize there is a baby in the house and sleep is a very cherished activity?!? Doesn't he realize I was super organized (read: overly excited) about this and we could have all been out the door and completely prepared for the day even if we had overslept by an hour?!?)

On a related note. . .when he prayed that night, he said thank you for Kindergarten and how great it was and please help him get enough sleep because he was tired from his big bike ride with Opa and because he really woke up at 6:15 even though he told Mommy it was 6:30! What a goof!
But here is E waiting for school to start . . .
Here is the proud, out-the-door-photo. . .right before we walked to school together. Of course, Opa had to join in the action and biked along side of us (part of the same route that E and Opa bike along once a day in good weather!). It was a great walk together--he was so eager to get there and not be late!
Sitting in his group. . .these toys are not the trains he spotted in his Kindergarten visit and again as he was hanging his bag up! Eventually he did join in with the others.
Listening to the teacher during story/circle time. . .
And there you have it--a successful first day (well, morning anyway!) On our walk home, he didn't have to much to say. "It was good." Even asking direct questions didn't pry any further information out of him. Eventually, by supper time, we got a few more details--that he didn't get to go to the gym and that he thought he had the best snack in the class because his mom always makes the best snacks. (The longer he believers that, the better we all are!) I think I might be one of those moms who need to rely on the teacher's newsletters to know what is going on!
I made him promise to sleep until at least 7pm on the next day he goes to school!

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