Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer Reading Has Come to an End

A few weeks ago, my kiddos read their last book for the summer, filled out their last entry to find "Rocky" in the Library, and participated in their last Summer Library Program. E doesn't really understand why it has to end. . ."Don't we have to just keep reading?" (well, yes, E. . .wait 'til you hear about the Kindergarten reading incentives they have!)

I thought I would share a a few pictures of some of the events. No, I'm not that mom who had their camera out each time we went to the Library, but once or twice I may have snapped a few of them.

This is the "Pet Parade." The kiddos got to bring their stuffies to the library for some stories, a craft and a parade. Each of my kids got to stand up and show off their animals--A brought her "glo-worm". . .a good memory for many of the librarians, and E (at the time) had the biggest animal there.
Here are the recyclable shakers they made (using water bottles, beans, string, ribbons, and stickers)--to make noise as they walked in their parade.
Busy at work!
And here is one of my favourite parts. . .One day at the Library, Princess A was looking through some books and found one that she wanted to take home for little A so "he could see the alphabet." As soon as we got home and A was on the floor, E and Princess A started reading the alphabet books to him so that" he will learn his alphabet and be ready for school." I love my kids! (See how Princess A is holding it up, just like the librarians did? Too cute!)
This was at another event--I think a musician came in this time.
On a side note, I was very impressed with all the programs the Library hosted. There were a few that may have been over my children's' heads, and one I thought who said and did a few inappropriate things, but it was nice to have some "free" entertainments--educational entertainment--during the summer months. My kids thought the best one was the pet parade and the pajamas puppet shows (They got to come dressed in their pajamas and hear stories, watch puppet plays, and sing some songs. Then, when we got home, they hopped into bed, all tired out!)
Here are their reading logs. . .all full now. They both received their "reading medals" for finishing all the books they had to read. . .and E even won one of the draws one time!That was quite and exciting phone call and trip back to the Library for him!
They pretty much can't wait until next year.

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