Thursday, September 16, 2010

Formula Can Craft Project

Yes, I have a formula baby.

And as a result, we have too many cans that make their way into the recycle--which is good, but I wanted to try to re-use them instead. So, I looked around for a good way to re-purpose them. And I found it!

Here are two sites/tutorials I found that I used as inspiration with my kiddo. (Site one and site two). These site are very cute! These gals do such a nice job when making these cans! I thought it would be nice to organize/beautify some of my scrapbook or sewing supplies by making a few of these, or making storage for my daughter. We'll see.

For now, I wanted a craft that my son could do--something he could gift to his teacher. So. . .here is what he--okay, we--came up with!
Here are some of the supplies we thought we would use. . .most of them we did use, but changed some of it, too.
First I measured and cut the background paper for E so he could glue it on. I may have helped keep things in place a bit. Not an easy task for a little guy!
E loves my scrapbooking punches. Here is one from Michael's. He punches things out and uses them as tickets, or as food, or as. . .pretty much anything! But these ones are for the craft. He punched out yellow ones and dark blue ones.
Then he wrote the letters of his teacher on them. He even wanted to decorate them "the way mommy does to letters when they have to be fancy." (See the little dots at the end of the letters--hee-hee!) We had to re-write some of the letters because he spelled it the way he thought it was spelled, then we replaced some of the letters with the "real" ones. I did help him center things a little. (sorry--the O.C. side of me couldn't help it!)
Then this part I did. Took a nail and a hammer and made a hole in each side. Then E helped me take the "paper" of the wire (See the green and white twirly wire in the supplies photo? Yah, I re-purposed that too--just wanted the wire!).
Then we threaded the wire through, I curled it around a bit, and E went through my scrap box to find blue and yellow things to tie. So, here they are:
We took some of the extra stars that were punched out and glued them together onto some embroidery floss to make the dangling stars. Cute huh? All the rest of the stars made it onto craft paper later on by both E and A. She loves glue.
Then we had to put in the tissue paper (yellow kind to match the blue and yellow already used) and put in the chocolates. . .(and maybe eat one or two!).
Voila! All done! And done by a almost-Kindergarten-er! (Most of it anyway!) See how easy it is? You can try it too--if you need any extra formula cans, we go through one or two every week! {smile}

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Dykstras said...

I feel you with the formula cans - one every other day (they are smaller) so if I ever have the burning need to craft (are you laughing yet??), I'll let you know and you can walk me through this one!

tons of fun1