Monday, October 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well. . . haven't been so motivated to post any Menu Plans lately. Maybe its the busy-ness of life these days, maybe it is the constant changing of plans or the ease of having left-overs--again and again! But the motivation has been lacking lately.

Sometimes I wonder if it serves any purpose to post things like this. Does it do any good for anyone? But in the beginning, I did it to help me organize my life a little and fix some of the busy-ness in life that I was experiencing at the time, so. . .
here I am again. Posting yet another MPM. And in all honestly, I check out what others have going on--and like doing that!-- so I guess I will hope someone out there does the same! (As an aside, thank you H, for the weekly phone calls about these posts!)

Last week was kinda crazy, anyway. . . a bunch of "things" started up and kick-off type events were going on. Some harvesting and preserving and baking to freeze kind of things kept me busy. I added a TOC deal in there and my hubby surprised us both with a night out--a concert (FVConcert Society, I think--sorry, we don't frequent these events very often, but I loved it and it brought me back to the days when I used to attend evenings like that one more regularly!) But I did plan the week, just never got around to blogging about it. A few from the past two weeks were: BBQ meatballs, sub sandwiches, pizza buns, a roast, stir-fry, hamburgers--we used the BBQ a lot!--that kind of thing.

This week, I am staying true to my past few weeks. . .starting with left-overs!

Monday- Slow Cooker Thai Chicken left-overs (from Saturday) on wraps with a salad on the side
Tuesday-Taco Casserole left-overs (had company on Sunday--the teenage boy did not make it, therefore, left-overs. Enough said.) Fixin' s and applesauce.
Wednesday-Fancy grilled cheese and soup. . . of some kind
Thursday-Slow Cooker Indian Chicken Stew (my friend had this on her blog, though it sounded good, so I may give this one a try)
Friday-Sausage, noodles, carrots and dip
Saturday's Snack-Topped Up Fiesta Dip (see below)
Sunday-hopefully pancakes. . .might try apple cinnamon kind. . .

So here is my roast. . .yep, it was my first time ever doing it, and it turned out okay. I just don't love it. Oh well. . .

My daughter loved it (and needed a picture when she saw me taking a photo of our plate), so I guess I can chalk it up to being a success???

Saturday's Snack. . .I found a link for this one (I'm having trouble with cutting and pasting text here on blogger. If any of you bloggers out there have any advice for me, I would love, love, love it! Who has time to type it all in???)

Here is Topped-Up Fiesta Dip.

When I needed to get some refried beans for my Taco Casserole, I figured I would also try the recipe on the back of the Old El Paso Can. . .I halved it to try it out, and it turned out great. Would be great for an appy night or party. And it looks so colourful and pretty.

A little refried beans, sour cream mixed with taco seasoning and salsa, cheese, tomato, peppers, and green onions.
Easy-peasy, pretty, and yum!
I did find a taco seasoning recipe here, so use it if you like. . .
For more MPM, check out!

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wacki04 said...

Great menu! I'd love for you to stop by What's Cooking Wednesday tomorrow to showcase one of your recipes! Hope to see you there :)