Friday, April 30, 2010

Help with the Baby Cards

Here is our little guy . . . just had to show off this picture.

It has taken me FOREVER to get little A's announcement cards done! I started them before he was born, knowing that afterwards it just wouldn't happen. All I had to do was mount his info and a picture. How hard is that?

With free time being pretty non-existent, I enlisted the help of my ever-so-helpful kiddos. Here is our little set-up:

E enjoys helping me "scrapbook." (Even if it just means taking the sticky corners off!) Afterwards he had to make a card of his own. . .he wrote "I like it when mommy feeds Aaron." He wanted to sent this card to his friend. So far we have held onto it. . .not sure if his friend needs a card that says that!

Here is the front:

Here is the inside:

Now to get them addressed and in the mail. Wonder how long that will take! :)

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