Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I'm back again! Life got too busy and, well, no time to blog. Plus we've had a few people bless us with meals! Along with some freezer meals, we ate well--and it wasn't so much work for me! This week, its back to regular life--and cooking again! (Okay, so you will notice its quite easy for cooking. . .)
Monday-Meatballs (freezer) in BBQ sauce, Alfredo noodles (pkg.), salad
Tuesday-Hot Chicken Sandwiches, veggies
Thursday (CP)- Cheese and Bacon Chicken, Oven Baked Jo-Jo's
Friday-Pizza Buns, fruit salad
Saturday's Snack-Easy Bran Muffins
Sunday (breakfast)- French Toast Casserole, bacon
This week's snack. . .I have to admit (although embarrassing) when I was in the hospital, there were bran muffins for breakfast one day, and I LOVED them! (You'd figure that I would have had cravings during pregnancy, not afterwards!) So, I had to give it a try. this link is an easy recipe for them, and they turned out great! I added raisins and cranberries to mine, but you could probably add blueberries or so (with a little icing sugar?). Nice and easy breakfasts or lunches this week!
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