Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Yep, still Monday! This is short and sweet. . .we have a bunch of left-overs from our weekend's birthday party that I am trying to use up. Nope, no cake or cupcakes anymore. That is all eaten up already!

Monday-Pizza Buns, Sweet Potato Fries (I got some sweet potatoes from my dad and was super excited to make fries! I did a combo of mostly this and also this recipe) An easy meal today!

Tuesday-Beef Stir-fry (with more veggies), rice, tatziki and bread

Wednesday-left-overs or sub sandwiches

Thursday (CP)-Hawaiian Chicken (either this CP recipe, or the one from the LC cookbook)

Friday-Skewers--thought I would try something a little out of the ordinary to begin the long weekend and make Skewers of all kinds. . .meat ones, veggie ones, and fruit ones. Hopefully the weather is okay to grill them and eat outside! We'll see if it goes over well. . .but it is something the kiddos can help me with--well the fruit part of it anyway. We'll work on fine motor skills a bit!)

Saturday's Snack-Cupcakes (I'll post a photo of what I did with these soon in another post!)

Sunday- Hash browns, sausage and eggs

See? Very short and sweet!
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koralee said...

Had to come say HI! I always miss you at school when you pop in. I may have to borrow some of these yummy dinner ideas. xoxoxoxo Off to read some of your posts that I have missed.