Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It's still Monday. . .not too much of it left. . .but I am still blogging "on time."

Monday-Perogies and Sausage (w/fried onions, peppers and tomatoes), corn, salad
Tuesday- Salmon Strudels, salad
Wednesday- French Toast Casserole, bacon (we didn't have this on Sunday, we made a fancier dinner instead. This one is already in the freezer and ready to go).
Thursday-Chicken Pot Pie (CP), crescent rolls (will give this one a try!)
Friday- left-overs. . .or probably out for a certain 1st-born's b-day)
Saturday's Snack- . . .can I get back to you on this one? there's just not a lot of extra time these days to be creative like that!
Sunday-pancakes. . .and cake!
Well, a short post. . . for more mpm, visit!

1 comment:

Tara V said...

I don't think anyone expects you to be creative!!
Have a great week!