Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Visit to the "Old Classroom"

Last week Friday was supposed to be my last teaching day. Instead, I've been home being mom for the past week and a half.

On Friday I did visit the class with little A. The teacher who replaced me gave me a little bit of time to spend with the kiddos, and I got to share my new family member with them.
{Thank you, Alida! I appreciate the time and effort you put into this for me!!!}

It was my plan to have a little something to give my students on my last day of teaching, so I am glad I did plan ahead a little, and at least have these bookmarks ready!
Below you can see an example of the front and the back side of the bookmarks. On the front, I wrote the meaning of their names, along with a Bible verse from Psalm 127:3--"Children are a gift from the Lord. . ."
{We started the year with a unit on "God Made me Special" and we talked a little bit about Who made us unique and wonderful creations, and we also talked a little bit about our names--the names our parents gave to us and the names God has for us. The Bible verse really describes the gift God gave me by placing each of my students in my class. I told many of the parents who were there on Friday this, but this class has truly been a blessing to me! They were such a wonderful bunch of kids--so full of life, so eager, so well-behaved, so compassionate, so much fun! I will miss them!}
Then on the back I wrote a little message for each of them.

And of course, I had to give away some candy too! Who can resist pixie stix?!?!? :)

Then, the class also had a surprise for me! Here is the big class card that they made:
The back:
I was blessed with many cards, notes, pictures, stories, crafts, and gifts from the students and parents in the class. What a treat! Thank you, 1C, for the great school year we shared and for blessing both little A and myself when I came to visit. It was great to see you all again!

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