Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Okay, okay! I've heard it from enough people! Here are a few more pictures. . .and one of me and the kiddos!
(It's just not super flattering being quite preggo and in photos! Everyone else just makes the pictures look so much nicer!)
So here is the {wonderful} work I did on A's hair. And no, she doesn't get this daily. I'm no super- mom! This is a "special occasions" hair-do in our house!

And here is E looking all sophisticated!
And {gulp} me.

The photographer just did such a nicer job. . .can't wait to get some of those prints back!


Tara V said...

You look beautiful! don't ever think different. Do you have pics of the wedding??

VanEgmond Family Notes said...

You're pregnant?!?!! What? Really? You look terrific.