Saturday, April 17, 2010

The New Guy

With a due date of April 25 or 26, and the fact that both my other kiddos were overdue, I was expecting a late April or May baby! But our little guy decided to join the world on April 14 instead!

Aaron Joel
April 14 @ 10:57AM
7 lbs, 9 oz., 22 inches.

The above is a picture of us when he is 24+ hour old! What a peanut!

Below is his arrival into the world. He was quite blue/purple when he was born. He wasn't breathing very well on his own. So here is my doctor and nurses trying to give him some oxygen and check him out minutes after he was born.

He was soon rushed off to the NICU where he received oxygen in his little incubator/isolette. He was hooked up to all the monitors because his respiration was very sporadic as well. His glucose levels were monitored, too. They believed that this was due to how hard he was working just to breathe on his own. They pumped him full of some formula in hopes to balance this out.
Here is a proud Mommy about 8 hours later when I was finally well enough to make it to the NICU to visit him.
He was taken off of oxygen about 6 hours after being born, but was kept in the NICU because of his respiration, low glucose levels and he still turned purple and blue at times. He was finally released after 24 hours, and I got to have him back into my room!
Here is Opa and Oma bringing the E and A to see their new baby brother! They had to wait to hold and touch him until the next day.
Proud Daddy holding Aaron when he was finally back in the room with us!
In his little bed, all swaddled up.
An "eyes-open" picture! (About 28 hrs old).
He was given a bath in the NICU that we got to watch, but since we were staying another night, we gave him a bath again. Here he is all cozy after his bath. (And the jaundice is kicking in!)
And here he is finally at home (2 days later) and sleeping!
A and Daddy checking out Aaron.


Tara V said...

Can't wait to meat him! And you had just told me a few days earlier you had a month to go!! Let me know if you need anything!

Quilt Nut said...

congrats Susan!

VanEgmond Family Notes said...

What a perfect little blessing! You look thrilled!!! (And I realize how much A looks like you!) She and I had a great conversation about " new baby sister" today over fish crackers. Enjoy the moments.

Dykstras said...

So happy for you all - he looks so sweet and cute! All our love.