Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

I don't claim to have a son who is an artist, but I thought I would share his picture anyway.
This is Jesus--he said you could tell by the "pokey crown" and the "holes on his hands and feet."
This morning he couldn't understand why mommy and daddy were both home from work. We talked about "Good Friday." Then he brought every Bible in our house to me so we could read every single possible story about it. So the family had a big "read-together."

This was one of those moments that I think I might "ponder in my heart" because this weekend is wedding weekend for my MIL. This means time for church, etc has been silently omitted--something that was hard for me to like. I'm glad we got to spend some time as a family worshipping and remembering the huge sacrifice and gift of Jesus' death on the cross.

And. . .the above picture turned up on the card he made on his own for Grandma. :) There was Jesus with the crown and holes in his hands and feet and just below that was Grandma looking like a princess. He is out in the rain right now picking dandelions for her because "those are the two things [a card and dandelion flowers] you give people when they get married."

Blessings as you remember God's gift to us this Easter. . .

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