Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Menu Plan. . .

Well, it's obviously not Monday anymore, and my head isn't quite wrapped around menu planning yet (more so on "how many hours has it been since last feeding? how much laundry can a little kid make? do I really need to walk up and down the stairs again?"--you get the idea), but here is my go at it anyway!

With baby arriving much sooner than anticipated, I ran out of time to put a few more meals in the freezer. I am very thankful for the doubling up of meals (one to eat, one for the freezer)I have done so far, and figure that will tie us over until I can stand long enough to make a decent meal again. Otherwise, there is frozen pizzas, left-overs, grilled cheese, or mac and cheese, right? :) I don't think we are going to suffer! :)

Monday-Lasagna, rolls, corn (my friend dropped off this huge lasagna for us after we came home from the hospital--which is a HUGE treat for us as well cuz I never make it--not sure I ever have--and we rarely buy it either. . .but I still love lasagna! Yah, I'm one of those people who order lasagna at a restaurant when everyone else is thinking, "Live a little, already!")
Tuesday-sub sandwiches, fruit salad
Wednesday-Sweet & Sour Chicken stir-fry (freezer meal--just need to add a few veggies), noodles
Thursday (CP)-Bacon and Cheese Chicken, rice salad (I'll make this one yet! I think it has been on the plan for a month now? It's super fast and easy to throw together, so I think it will do!)
Friday-left-overs or so
Saturday's Snack- (maybe next week. . .not sure I'm up to being that creative this week!)
Sunday- pancakes, bacon

Check out many more exciting menu plans this week at http://www.orgjunkie.com/


Tara V said...

I'll bring you a meal for Friday!

koralee said...

Congratulations sweet one!!! I can not believe you have time to post!!!! Miss you at school. Hugs. xoxox