Friday, May 1, 2009

Paper Creations for a Sunny Day

My son was going to have some friends over to play. . .and he wanted to do a craft. So. . .here was my idea for the afternoon: boats. But I didn't remember how to make them. Of course, my hubby did. . .only it turned out to be a hat. So. . .off to the net I went.

Anyway, here are the kiddos having some fun. After decorating their boats, we decided to see if they really worked in the "pool." And at the end of the day, everyone's boat floated, and no one fell in! Phew!
Here they are showing off their creations (which are falling off of their heads! And notice the laundry in the background? Yeah. . .kinda have to get around to that too!)

And here are the floating boats! They worked! The big excitement was if it was going to float away from catching-reach!

Then we let them dry in the {hot} sun today while we got sidetracked with other toys. Of course, their attention span can't last forever!

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