Saturday, May 23, 2009

Being Crafty

It's about time I did something crafty again . . . and today was that day. In anticipation of changing my daughter's room into a "big girl room," I've been SLOWLY working at some things to do that. I remember making one of these kinds of things back when I was a Calvinettte. And I wanted to try recreate it. . kind of. and update it! LOL! (Like, not using the frilly lace and tacky fabric we had used!)
Here is what I did today:

I cut out fabric, quilting batting, and used these pre-cut wooden hearts (They were cut from about 1/2 or 3/4 plywood). The next step is to wrap the fabric around to the back. My problem here was I didn't have that much fabric left (the rest went to a quilt, bed-skirt and curtains), so I REALLY had to stretch the fabric over to fit the heart size that I had picked. My poor hands were ouch from the glue-gun!
I cut strips of pink ribbon to criss-cross over the front of the heart. I also made a hanging loop. Here is what my back and front looks like.

This step was too hard for me. I wanted to screw the hooks in, but I bought white painted hooks to match everything else in her room, and realized if I used pliers, I might scratch the paint off. So. . .I used a nail to hammer a starting hole. then I was a weakling and got my husband to twist the screw in. (He'll hate me if he finds out I posted a picture of him doing this!)
And here is the finished product. Now there will be something to hang up necklaces, belts, barrettes, and other odd "girlie" things
If you are looking for ideas like to this one, this project (valentine heart holder if it makes you search the crafts) is quite similar. Other bulletin board sites can be found HERE and HERE.


Quilt Nut said...

those are so cute! great idea

Susan said...

thanks! i'm hoping they look good hanging up--It's hard to tell now when I can't "test" them without changing her room around already!