Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well. . .Monday again. happy long weekend! (for all you Canadians, anyway!)
This past weekend and this coming week are busy ones for me, with a few too many commitments and work hours. . .we will see how the "menu" goes.

Monday-BBQ Chicken Wraps with veggies and fruit salad

Tuesday- Homemade Pizzas, Salad (See previous post for dough)

Wednesday- Meatballs or Muffin-Sized Meatloaves, Harvest potatoes, corn

Thursday (Crock -Pot Day)- Creamy Italian Chicken, noodles, salad

Friday-Sloppy Joe's, French Fries

Sunday-Crepes with Fruit filling

So. . .about that Snack for Saturday. . .I LOVE the Freckled Lemonade at Red Robin's! Love it. So that link is my recipe for it. With all this great weather we are having, I'm totally thinking it is a great on-the-deck kind of beverage. That link also links to other great beverages with fruit bases. Yum! Then while searching for a recipe, I also found those adorable cupcakes! So. . if you have some time (which I probably won't!), give them a try!

My recipe for you is Homemade Tortillas. Super easy. . .minus the rolling out part.
This recipe comes from the LCS Cookbook, and was submitted by my friend, Sue!

2 c. flour
1t. salt
4 1/2 T. butter or Crisco
2/3 c. cold water

Mix flour and salt together in a bowl. Cut in butter until crumbly. Add water and blend until soft dough forms. cover with damp paper towel and let rest for 5 minutes. Knead slightly on floured surface. Divide into 6 equal parts. Roll each one out until very thin and about the diameter or a dinner plate. Heat a dry skillet over medium heat. cook as you would pancakes. Flip when slightly bubbly. Cook remainder. Excellent served with warm soup or cover with pizza sauce and cheese and broil.
*My note: Brush olive oil and sprinkle that Greek spice from Costco, and broil for a minute. .. yum!
*I'm post #349 at What post will you be?

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