Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, a few weeks ago I was in Calgary. My sister and I got a break from the kiddos for a bit and went to the Mall (aka: Toys R Us). Then she told me about a place I had to try out in the food court, so. . .I did.
And I was amazed. Who would have thought???
The place was called Crepe Works (see photo below) and you just have to check out their site to truly understand what I am talking about (my biggest hint. . .go to the menu link!!!). To sum it up, they make these crepes right in front of you on these circle grills, and then pass it along to the "fixings" part, where they make crepes that you probably never heard of before. When I make crepes at home, it consists of jams, syrups, fresh fruit. . .not guacamole or salsa. But here, there are NO limits as to what your crepe can have on it! And after all the "fixings" parts, then they wrap it up (using a nifty wooden spatula tool) and you are good to go. Their weird thing is I've always made crepes and eaten them warm. Here they are room-temp or even "cool." Another odd part of the whole experience. Just totally not what I expected from a crepe!

So, here is the end product. This is what they hand to you. . .this is your crepe (in a wrap)!

So this one is the California Chicken Crepe. I just had to try one of them with the "weird" ingredients. And, it was amazing! (And healthy!) But, yes, for all you traditional crepe-lovers, there are the "traditional" toppings (well, in this case, fillings) and those same toppings with a flare! (Please see their site and their menu!) The sad thing is it is only in Calgary!!!! Come on all of you looking to open a unique chain. This is it!!!

I felt that this quote of their summed it all up:

"The fun atmosphere and excitement appeals to customers of all ages. Combined with our novel serving style with sophisticated fare, make it a take-out experience like no other."

Otherwise you can blame it on the fact that I need to get out a little more often.

Yes, I admit it, I am getting excited about a pancake.

But. .. my son devours pancakes. He does not devour vegetables. So you see my intrigue? What happens if you mix it all up??? I'll let you know on one of my MPM posts!

Yep, still excited about a pancake. I'll stop writing now.

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