Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was a busy one!

Church. . .coffee with the Oma (and Auntie Pam). . .coffee with Grandma. . .

Eli and Daddy gave me some time on my own while they went to the creek and released little baby salmon (aka: the fishies"). Pretty much what happened what that you went to the tent set up by the creek, they would catch some fish from their big stash, you got an ice cream pail or two, and you got to release them into the creek. Most people just dumped the whole ice cream bucket, but that was too boring for my boys. They had to release them one at a time all down the creek. I think they went through seven buckets! Here are a few pictures of Eli having the time of his life catching and releasing fish.
We actually got one captured on that camera!!! (Our camera is SO-O-O slow, so this is a big deal for me!)

For Mother's Day, Eli and Daddy did some "woodworking." They made birdhouses to give to Oma and Grandma. Eli got to use the nail gun, and do all the painting. Here is the finished product! (and my non-photogenic kids!)
A close up of the fine workmanship!

And finally. . .my little surprise! We usually don't do gifts for Mother's Day. . .but this is something I have been wanting for forever! My new bike. . .my FIRST new bike EVER!!! (Yep, it only took 30+ years to get a brand new bike!) Now we can actually put that bike trailer to use!
Happy Mother's Day all!

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