Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Me again. . .

With a confession. I was talking to a friend, and she asked if I actually ate everything I have on my menu plan. My answer was. . .no.

But I'm sure all you MP-ers have that too, right? You just don't get around to it and do a Hamburger Helper instead or you have too many left-overs. . .right? I can only justify this by saying it is a Menu Plan, right? And the other thing. . .if you find something on sale (ie: meat skewers for half price), well, if I can feed my family for less than 5 dollars, I'm gonna do that! (I do try to give you a link to another recipe that I have tried before, though).

Okay, now that all my confessions are out. . .here is my plan for this week. Oh wait, one more thing. . .about this week, well, I have been keeping receipts of groceries to see how much my weeks actually average out to. My sister in law was talking a bout trying to eat for $60 dollars a week. I'm not sure it can be done. . .but that is what I am trying. So, this week, because I am aware of my "budget," I am trying to eat stuff from the pantry. (I've noticed on Organization Junkie that many posts are about that anyway). Well, the budget, and the fact that i have to move around my pantry and freezer for some renos. Makes moving lighter when there isn't so much in it, right? Right?

Okay. . .

Monday- Left-overs

Tuesday- Omelets

Thursday (Crock-Pot Day)- Pork Chops (I add cinnamon to the recipe), rice pilaf, beans

Friday-Meatballs, Scalloped Potatoes, salad

Sunday-Cinnamon French Toast (oohh-my hubby made these for me for mother's day a long time ago. . .hoping for such luck again!)

So. . .about Saturday's snack. . .long time ago, during my college days I did landscaping in the summers. (Yep, little ole me!) It was a "ministry" to the elderly who needed some help taking care of their property. One of these ladies wanted to repay us by offering us snacks or lunch each time we came. And she would give us the recipes she made for us, all nicely typed (on the type-writer, of course). I can't say I fully appreciated it back then (although my friend and I tried to let her think we did--we did appreciate the food, but I was a college kid--quick and easy food was what counted!), but. . .now. . . This is one of those recipes that I LOVED! And I found it on the Internet, so I just linked it for you. They are good. Try them. Eat them. Enjoy!
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