Thursday, July 22, 2010


Here are some updated pictures of this re-reno we are doing. Yep, it's STILL not done. If you are doing any renos, I have a company NOT to use!

This is the new flooring.
And a close up. . .I posted a picture like this one on the post when we had just re-done this flooring for the first time!
Since these photos were taken, all the appliances have been moved back, hooked up, and I can do laundry again (after a month of NO laundry at my own house. . .and a newborn! Seriously!!!) We've had baseboards put in, some touch up paint done. . .and some carpet cleaning done.
However, we made yet another call to the adjuster and told him we were not happy. The baseboards are not smooth, there are scratches that still need painting and the carpet cleaning guy decided to clean "around" furniture, rather than possibly moving anything. This company just is doing a half-_ _ _ job on everything. They have been in three times since the above pictures, and twice they have told us they thought they were done. And we had to say, hey, can you come check out this terrible work? We even had one baseboard that didn't reach the end of the wall and they claimed they were done!
So. . .now our basement has "sticky notes" all over it to show the people coming in tomorrow where work has to be done. Grr. . .
I can't wait until this is done and I can have my house back! On the bright side, I can use the laundry. . .

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Tara V said...

yay for laundry!!