Friday, July 16, 2010

Berry-Birthday Festival

Yet another blog entry posted a {little} late. . .

Happy birthday to my little princess!
Here is her "cake." After doing E's cake in a similar way, I just thought this was so easy and fun looking. I used the same vanilla cupcake recipe, but added sprinkles in the recipe. Very yum and very cute. . .and of course they had to be pink and purple. Again, gotta love Wal-mart for the party favours. . .in A's cake (I don't know if you can see it or not in the photo) but she had little bubble potion wands. The kids had fun with them!
Princess A has always had a birthday on or near the Berrybeat Festival. When E was little-er, he completely believed that the Festival was a party made just for A. LOL! But it has been fun to spend a few hours wandering around and doing a thing or two there.
Here are my "kids" at the Lego tent.
They made a few crafts, played a few games, wandered around, and panned for gold. A got a picture painted on her face, but E was too shy to do that.
Sitting down for a little treat. . .
In the afternoon, hubby took the kids berry picking. They loved it! Princess A really got the hang of it--she took a bite out of each strawberry, then put it in her bucket. I guess she wanted to make sure they all tasted great before bringing them home!

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