Friday, July 16, 2010

Canada Day

Another post that is a {little} late. . .

For the past few years we have gone to White Rock/Crescent Beach for Canada Day. This year the weather did not look promising at all, so instead we decided to go to the local Canada Day parade. First we had to get decked out in all of our Canada gear--we all had at least one patriotic clothing item!
(Someone should let you know before you even try, that the more people in the family, the less photogenic everyone becomes! But in the end, I still got a family photos--and those things that are very rare for us!)
Then we gathered the troops together and found a cozy spot to show off our Canada spirit! (And we may have found this spot because there were samosas nearby, and I LOVE samosas!)
Princess A--spent much f the time covering her ears because some of the trucks and floats were just too noisy for her liking! Well, except when people were handing out candy. . .
(Who knew that Halloween could happen twice in one year!)
E taking it all in (and noticing his relatives who were in the parade!)
This tractor used to be hubby's dad's and before that his grandpa's. My hubby's dad donated it to . . . the people who collect old tractors here locally. . .(here is where someone who knows better will fill in the group who owns and displays it now! Can't remember what it is called! Oops!) When E was little we took him to the Agrifair and had a picture taken of him on it to give to Grandpa. The hubby thought it was pretty cool to see it up and running, rather than just on display!

Here is what the kids worked on in the morning. . .coloring Canada pictures and hanging them up for the neighbors to see! By the afternoon a few of the neighbors also had flags in their windows, which E thought was great!
Happy Canada Day all!

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