Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm a {little} late in posting about this, so sorry extended family/friends who are looking here for photos! Things have just been too busy here!

On June 20th, Aaron we celebrated Aaron's baptism. Here he is in his little gown (aka:"dress.") Oma made it for E's baptism (I had big plans to cut up my wedding dress and make one. . .and then the reality of giving birth hit me and that idea was tossed rather quickly! Oma came to the rescue instead!) and it was worn by princess A as well, with a few pink ribbons added here and there. Now it was little A's turn.

Here are our precious kiddos--love them to pieces!!!

Oma holding little a. . .she held all of our kiddos before or during their baptism services and loved it to pieces. She is such a "baby-person." (This definitely came in quite handy when princess A developed colic--she took that little crying/screaming girl for a morning once a week so I could have some quiet time. princess A cried the whole time for her, but she was just fine with that and didn't stop the love and cuddles and little conversations!)

Little a checking things out behind him. . . all his aunts and uncles.

Our family watching little a being baptized . . . our pastor did such a nice job of explaining what his name meant (Aaron Joel-- some strong Biblical and easy Hebrew names, which made it quite easy for the pastor!)and how he was a special part of God's family.
Little a's cousin, Logan, was born exactly 1 month later than him. Logan was a big baby! Here he is about 6 days after birth. (Man am I glad Aaron decided to come into this world early. . .which means smaller than an on-time arrival, and smaller than Logan! All I can say is kudos to you, Pam!)

Our happy little family. . . (I didn't say we were photogenic, just that we were happy. . .)

Oma and Opa. . .

Grandma and Grandpa Al. . .

It was such a blessing to be surrounded by our (local) families and friends on this special day--during the service and afterwards for a little lunch. Thanks you all!
And here is a little poem I found. . . (from here)
You have come into this world so tiny
Yet with such great promise for the future
Before you were even born
God planned wonderful things for you
As you are baptised,
May you feel His love
And the love of those around you,
And may you always follow His way.

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