Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No More Crib

A few weeks ago, we changed around my daughter's room. I think I might have been more excited about this than she was, but when she saw it all, her words were, "P-etty!" So, I was a satisfied mom! It was just time for her to be in a big-girl bed. She had been trying to sleep and hide in her big brother's room for a while now, so it just seemed like time. I have to admit, I wanted to wait until I was done school for the year just to make sure I wouldn't be having any sleepless nights while teaching still! But all went well. If I knew she would have slept and done as well as she did, I probably would have changed her room around a long time ago!

So here are the curtains, just up, as well as all the baby stuff piled on the change table that we had to get rid of:
And of course the "big" bed! This was exciting for her, because we let her jump on it to get her excited about it all! But we finally did get the sheets, bedskirt and comforter on it! I personally like how her room is still pink, but balanced with the green and brown of the material! Not supernova-girlie, but just right!
Here are a few decorating things. . . these hearts were from a previous post.
A painted bulletin board and hooks. . .
My craft of this morning. . .the first part was followed by a bath because it was getting the hand and feet prints! (We had taken my son's prints when he moved into his big room, to mark how "big" he was, so we did the same with my daughter! My son we had done on tiles and then hung up. . .this seemed like a quicker, easier craft!))Then I took an old frame that I had painted and decorated it a little bit.And the fancy mirror we put in. . .it was extra from our old bathroom, but thought it would be pretty cute in her room!

So. . . our little girl is growing up. . . bring on the pink and the princesses!

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