Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday again. . .last week's big yum was the Asian Wraps. I added peppers and onions to the mix and didn't soften the coleslaw bit (that just seemed kind yucky to me--I like the crispness better!) but the "sauce" from the recipe is VERY yum. Easy to make. Yep--that is ALWAYS a good thing!

This week. . .
Monday-Pancakes and Ham. We've just been doing too many BBQ kinds of things so our Sundays haven't been about breakfast. So, today is the day for that! And I have this great syrup recipe from the Berry Festival I was gonna try make.
Tuesday-Tropical Fruit Chicken, rice, salad
Wednesday- (OAMC today cuz we are out on Friday) Sicilian Casserole, cut up veggies
Thursday (CP Day)-Beef & Barley Soup, garlic bread or buns
Saturday's Snack-Firefighters Chocolate Chip Cookies. I LOVE these cookies. (And how ironic is the name?) It all started with that one box from Costco. . .you know, the Skor ones. The box didn't last long at all, so I had to find a "home-made" way to keep them around a little more. I'm not saying I eat any less, but it is easier and cheaper than going to Costco each time I have a craving (which is often!).
Sunday- BBQ anyone? :)

So here is the syrup recipe--BC Grown BC Blueberries (BC Blueberry Council).

BC Blueberry Syrup
yield=2 cups (500mL)
2 cups fresh blueberries (500mL)
1 cup sugar (50mL) sugar (I think they meant 250mL!)
4 Tbsp water (60mL)

Puree blueberries and sugar in processor or blender until until smooth as possible. Transfer to medium saucepan. Bring slowly to the boiling point. Reduce heat and cook 20 minutes. Strain through a fine sieve or cheesecloth.

Return to heat and bring to bring to boiling point. Remove from heat and pour into clean, sterilized jars.

Refrigerate or freeze. Use for pancakes, waffles, as a beverage base, in ices, or for dessert sauces.

Warm syrup containers in hot water bath after removing from refrigerator because they syrup becomes too think to pour.

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