Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MPM update. . .

So. . . our garden is going crazy at this point (beans, zucchini and onions. some peas too, and lots of herbs!), so i needed to find something good to make with a zucchini. I typically like to make chocolate cake, and i really don't like zucchini all that much, but I was thinking something more for supper. . .and something that does not involve the oven! So I am going to try these Zucchini Fries and dipping sauce on the BBQ. I've had something like it before (thank you Kristi for introducing us to them!), but always oven baked. Just if you need another grilling type of healthy thing. . .and the picture looks good. :)

Here is another update. . .it is after supper--and the fries were a flop!!! I'm so embarrassed to admit it! The reason they were a flop. . . my BBQ ran out! So. . .guess where I need to send my hubby tomorrow? :)

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