Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm back. . .and I even have a MPM! True, it is kinda late, but it is still here and posted!

This week is gonna be HOT! (temperature-wise!) So. . .to resist the oven heating the house to above sauna temperatures (aka: I don't have AC!!!), I've founda few grilling recipes that are gonna keep us happy this week. (And we are having company, so hopefully they will enjoy it too!)

Monday-Grilled Terriyaki Chicken (thanks to Epicurian Selections for an easy meal --and my sister sells it, so I have a few of these kinds of things sitting around! Let me know if I need to pass on her # to you!), Salad, garlic bread

Tuesday-Grilled Pizza. You can choose this recipe (cool website, too!) or this recipe. We jsut take a shell (or a pita pocket), load it with toppings and bring it to the BBQ!

Wednesday- Chicken Wraps and cut veggies or green beans from our garden!!

Thursday (CP Day)- We're going out to celebrate with family, so no recipes for you. I can tell you, though, we are going somewhere Greek. . .mmm!

Friday (OAMC)-Maple Glazed Salmon or this one (I know, it's not really a OAMC recipe, but you store salmon in the freezer, right?), rice, salad or a garden veggie

Saturday's Snack- Puppy Chow (Helen brought this camping and it was gone in no time! I NEVER make it, so what a treat! Thanks Helen. . .and sorry I ate too much!)

Sunday (BFS)-Grilled French Toast or Ann's oven baked french toast recipe

So. . .happy grilling! I'll let you know how it works out for us!!! Check out for more MPM!

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Becca said...

I love Puppy Chow...but I use Chex instead of Crispix :)