Friday, July 3, 2009

CP Evening

My friend, Sue, hosted (along with her friend Jane) a wonderful evening for some of her friends. The evening was for the "Common Denominator Gals" (as she called us in her e-mail!). Pretty much, it was an evening party for the different women that she knew but who may not know each other. The night included appies, dinner, dessert, and lots of visiting in a completely wonderful setting! This was her 2nd annual deal (oh, she'll laugh when she reads this--how formal I am making this whole thing sound!) and I just thought it was such a unique idea and a wonderful evening that I just HAD to blog about it!

First, I'll tell you about the setting. Sue's friend Jane (who was phenomenally hospitable!) owns this wonderful ocean front home. I think "ocean-front" sums up how beautiful and relaxing it was, but her home was equally stunning! Here are a few pictures from her back yard. (Of course, I could have gone snap-happy at her place, but I resisted. You have to understand, I was there with 9 women I didn't know!)

Then there was the food! Wow! If you know Sue, she is one great cook, but I also have to say that all the CD gals made some delightful food, too! Our menu for dinner consisted of artichoke dip and other yummy appetizers, mixed green salad with berries, Indonesian Chicken with Mango Salsa, rice, and Ciabatta bread.
Dessert gets a category all of its own! There was fruit pie and chocolate cake! (And yes, after eating all that wonderful food I couldn't even finish my chocolate cake! What a sin!) Sue makes the best chocolate cake. . .I think that is what made us friends in the first place! I should have taken the picture before cutting, but, oh well!

The evening was mostly great (among all the great things listed so far!) because of Sue's wonderful friends! What a lovely group of ladies! They were wonderfully diverse, but so personable and fun! We had many conversations (one of them being how we actually all knew Sue!), we played games, we prepared food--we just had fun! I wish I could have stayed much longer to have some more meaningful talks, to hear more funny stories, and to get to know more about the variety in life that God has blessed us all with.
Oops. . one extra picture. . .this was just cute! :)
The only complaint I had about the evening. . .was the border line-up!
Yep, here is me only half way to the men in uniforms! I thought I might not make it in time, and left so early in the afternoon because I was anticipating this!

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