Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Words From Wednesday (Devotional)

Happy April Fool’s Day! Today was a teaching day for me. I really hate to admit it, but I got fooled. Yep, I have to brush up on my skills to detect some of this before I get caught in the middle of a classroom full of kids laughing at me.

One kid even got his dad in on it. I received a note asking for this particular student to be excused because of his grandmother’s funeral. So, like a good teacher, I was all sympathetic and started asking a few questions. How long ago did she pass away? Were you very close to her? How are your parents doing? And just as I began to wonder about this (because the student wasn’t seeming very affected by the whole ordeal and only had vague answers), out came the “April Fools!!!” So much for being the kind and caring teacher this time around!

Among a few other attempts to trick me (yes, there were whoopee cushions!), I couldn't help but sit back and smile at these kids. Amazing how they try so hard to have a good time with it. How they try to work out all these details to make it work. How they are watching for the right moments, choosing the right words, delegating the right people. I even heard one kid say, “No, we might get in trouble for doing that . . . but it could be worth it.”

I wonder what God thinks about when He sits back and watches us. I wonder what God thinks about when He sits back and watches me. Hmmm. “Oh there she goes trying to work it all out by herself. I wish she would just trust me; trust my goodness” Or, “Oh, she is in just too big of a rush to notice all the blessings I had lined up for her today.” Or maybe even, “Oh how I wish she would just pour her heart out to me instead of bottling it up inside again.”

Psalm 121 is a great little psalm to reflect on. It begins with a confession of our trust in the Lord. (A confession I often have to remind myself of—my help does not come from myself or my own strength or anything else that has to do with me. It is found only in Him). And to help me believe my confession, the psalm goes on to remind me how carefully the Lord IS watching over me. He’s not going to let me slip. He’s not going to let harm come to me. He is going to watch over my life. He is going to watch over my comings and goings. And He is going to do all that forever. Maybe it is time I look a little bit more to God, the King of all creation. Maybe its time I put more unfaltering trust in my Faithful Guardian.

Here is a great YouTube link for you. (One day I will figure out how to just post it right here. For now, it's a little too late to be thinking too much about it.)

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