Monday, April 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Late again. . .I just couldn't resist the sunshine today (chalk drawings, biking, pulling weeds, staring at the endless tasks to do. . .). . .and working, and going to the doctor with my little one, yah. Time just escaped me again!

A note on last week. Don't try the Crockpot peach deal. It didn't have a good review. In my case, I realized that I didn't have peaches after all and only apricots, so i tried a CrockPot Apricot Chicken recipe (with some modifications: I added onions, garlic, dried apricots and red peppers to make a kinda salsa-chutney to go with it). I loved it. . .served it with rice pilaf, some bread. . .my husband even loved it. However, my kids hated it. And I have learned, you never (okay, well, not never, really, but in this case, NEVER!) make a recipe your kids hate. . .especially when you are having a week of doing dinners on your own with them. And they are kinda sick. And everyone has cabin fever.
Anyway. . .here is this week:

Monday- Pork Skewers, Lemon Dill Potatoes (from the LCS cookbook, p.64), salad

Wednesday- Tacos with the fixings

Thursday- leftovers (and anything else that might possibly get stinky in my fridge that no one will think to check over the next few days. . .)

Friday-next Tuesday. . .adios amigos!!! Off to visit my cute little niece!!! (well, and a few other pretty important people) So. . .i robbed you of a few days (but as if you don't have plans for an Easter deal anyway! We're coming your way, Auntie Jenny! Gonna bring the kids to give your grandkids some competition with that egg hunt!) On the flip side, EVERY day had a link. . .and there is a picture this time!!! Doesn't that just make you want to eat tacos this week???
I'm posted (along with a bazillion others) at I'm an Organization Junkie again.

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